Large format digital colour holograms produced using RGB pulsed laser technology

D. Brotherton-Ratcliffe
Geola Technologies Ltd., UK
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RGB pulsed laser technology provides a natural way to circumvent the problems of vibration inherent in conventional CW holographic printer schemes. Using such technology we have been able to print 1-step dot-matrix digital holograms at speeds of up to 50 RGB colour pixels per second in relatively compact printer configurations. Typical hologram pixel sizes that have been employed are around 1 mm diameter. Both full parallax and single parallax digital reflection holograms have been generated in this way with sizes of up to 1 m × 1.5 m. RGB transmission rainbow holograms have also been generated using this approach. Quicker generation of digital holograms is possible using a variety of 2-step pulsed laser printer schemes, the simplest of which consists of the contact or close copying of an original master dot-matrix hologram that has been specially processed. Other 2-step techniques such as H1:H2 schemes have required more powerful RGB pulsed lasers and yet have shown that they are capable of producing one–off smaller format holograms at high speed.