LAMBDA system: the Italian experience (in English & Italian)

E. Bortolazzi, G. Rossi
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The LAMBDA system aims at facilitating blind students to write, read and process text and mathematical expressions in an educational context.

Mathematical expressions and text are presented to the user in a linear formon the braille display and through speech output. Visual rendering in a linear form enables the sighted reader to understand what the blind user is writing. Asynchronous two–dimensional visual rendering of mathematical notation is available. Many editing and exploration operations are available.

The LAMBDA system imports and exports MathML files. That makes possible transnational exchange of scientific digital resources. In this talk are presented the basic features of the LAMBDA system, state–of–the–art and future development and in which educational contexts the LAMBDA system is used. Especially, the experience with blind students in Italian schools undertaken by Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano is illustrated.