Keynote: Beyond Publishing: how we open up to our users

Stephen Dunn
Head of Technology Strategy, Guardian News and Media
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The story by The Guardian, as a true front runner on the web, shows how direct engagement with its own audience, partners and users creates new success and innovation. For The Guardian, the simple strategy of putting content on the web in the most efficient and optimal way and selling advertising against it, is coming to an end. The old strategy may not sustain the business and fulfill the Guardian’s mission in the future. Pure digital publishing is different and goes beyond straightforward web publishing. It means you provide a platform to your users and partners providing value to them beyond the content. Head of Strategy, Stephen Dunn will explain how this new strategy of ‘mutualisation’ is taking place all the way across the organisation, in technology, editorial and commercial teams.

Dunn will cover some of the new skills brought in, the platform they built including a focus on product management, users, and how this greater engagement has brought new success and innovation.