Further advances toward Tagged PDF for mathematics

Ross Moore
Macquarie University, Australia

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This is the 3rd presentation on on-going efforts to develop the ability to generated Tagged PDF output using pdfTeX, in conjuction with other software tools.

In this talk I’ll show how recent improvements to Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro software have increased the usefulness of Tagged PDF documents, containing a MathML description of the TeX-typeset mathematical content.

In particular, by careful specification of the words to be “Read Out Loud”, mathematical content can be conveyed quite effectively to the visually impaired.

Also, using Adobe’s Acrobat Pro as the PDF browser, the ability to export to XML means that a fully marked-up, with MathML for the mathematics, version of the PDF document’s contents can be obtained at will from the same file that displays the high-quality typeset visual appearance.

Examples will be shown of diverse mathematical content, generated automatically from standard LaTeX coding, along with suitably generated MathML descriptions.

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