FUJIFILM — New film technology for the display holographic market

G. Jackson
Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals (UK) Ltd., UK
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President: Mr. Shigetaka Komori; Established: January 20, 1934; Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; Consolidated Subsidiaries: 223 companies; Employees: 75,000 (March 31, 2006); Revenue: $ 23.2 Billion (March 31, 2006)

FUJIFILM – Technologies
Technological systems covering:
Photographic film to optical design technology, Organic material design technology, Electronics, Software

Highly Advanced Technologies:
Super CCD (Digital Imaging Technology), Nano technology, Film with optical functionality used with polarising plates of liquid crystal display, Plastic optical fibres, High density magnetic storage materials

FUJIFILM Philosophy— Imaging & Information

  • To constantly strive to develop superior technologies
  • To continue creating an “Imaging & Information” culture

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