From Zero to SVG in One Year

Ted Johnson
Microsoft Corporation
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When Johnson attended SVG Open 2009 less than one year ago, no production code had yet been written to support SVG in Internet Explorer 9. In March 2010, Microsoft stunned the SVG community by announcing and demonstrating its GPU-accelerated SVG implementation. Though not complete at the time, the commitment Microsoft exhibited provided further evidence that SVG would indeed become ubiquitous as the next generation of browsers support HTML5.

At SVG Open 2010, Johnson will describe Internet Explorer 9’s implementation of SVG and share insights from the team’s experience implementing it as part of its GPU-powered HTML5 effort. He will provide an overview of the SVG modules implemented in IE9 with a focus on cross-browser interoperability and demonstrate SVG in various contexts: XHTML documents, HTML5 documents, and standalone SVG files.

Johnson will share ‘war stories’ from the IE9 implementation experience including a discussion of those features most difficult to implement. He will share what Microsoft would like to see in future SVG versions as SVG becomes an essential part of HTML5 and Web application development.