From mimetism to immateriality in Art Holography: different approaches and concepts

Rosa Maria Oliveira
University of Aveiro, Portugal

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Being Holography, so far, the recording technology that represents the object most similar to the original, with the same parallax, it allows a mimetic representation of reality. But is that the only purpose for an artistic work in this medium? Holography is a pure light medium. It also offers the unique quality of presenting rather than representing light qualities such as immateriality, invisibility, and the recording of several images in the same space, which invites artists to explore and express in those types of subjects.

How do artists use Holography as a resource for developing their own artistic language? Approaching it in different ways makes holography to be a especial suitable medium for Conceptual Art works. And there is no greater dematerialized energy than the light itself, which is the essence of the holographic image. Therefore, materiality is reduced to the support in the case of the holography medium.

This paper aims to reflect and enhance the characteristics of Holography as an artistic medium in the moment that new approaches and techniques such as stereoscopic projection (several times wrongly called holography) 3D movies and video and augmented reality are being developed and divulged.