Flying Colors

Prof. Dieter Jung
Academy of Media Arts Cologne ,Germany
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The artist applies natural light and laser beams as his paints; prisms, glass and screens as expended canvas. With varying unusual materials, combinations of wide-ranging technologies and interwoven structures he builds a Garden of Light, illuminated with colors lighter than air, flying colors. Into this modified space the artist invites the viewer to experience a visual journey into the enigmatic maze of art / science / technology and hence to another reality, hovering behind light and shadow. Three projects will be reviewed: 1. Unvisible–Visible, 2008, Solo exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing. 2. Looking Forward, 2007, Beijing. Solo exhibitions at The Beijing Imperial City Art Museum and A-Space. 3. Continuum, HoloMobile-2008, Installation, National Health Research Institutes, Taipei. Keywords: HoloMobile, MultiMedia Holography, LightArt