Evolving Preservation Needs: A Portico Update

Toni Tracy
Director of Publisher Relations, Portico
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Portico is a not-for-profit digital preservation service for e-journals, ebooks, and other scholarly e-content which has grown rapidly since its launch in 2005. More than 11,000 e-journals and 43,000 ebooks have been committed to the Portico archive which is supported by more than 650 libraries worldwide and 111 publishers representing over 2000 scholarly societies and associations. In 2010, Portico became the first digital preservation service to be independently audited by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and subsequently certified as a trusted, reliable digital preservation solution that serves the needs of the library community. As a result of its rapid growth and certification status, Portico is now positioned to offer a range of digital preservation services based on content type that will enable publishers and libraries to choose where to invest based on their collections, needs, and budgets and this session will provide an update on Portico’s evolving service.