Checking Recent Colour-Difference Formulas with a Dataset of Metallic Samples and Just Noticeable Colour-Difference Assessments

Rafael Huertas1, Alain Tremeau2, Manuel Melgosa1,
Luis Gomez-Robledo1, Guihua Cui3, M. Ronnier Luo3
1Universidad de Granada, Spain, 2Université Jean Monnet, France,
3University of Leeds, UK

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Several colour-difference formulas have been proposed since the last recommendation of CIEDE2000 by the “Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage” (CIE) in 2001. Some of them have been tested using the same dataset used to fit them. Thus, it is of great interest to check the performance of these formulas with new experimental datasets. On the other hand, some previous studies show that many colour-difference formulas perform quite badly in the very small colour difference range of 0 to 1 CIELAB units. This paper pursues these two goals. The colour-difference formulas DIN99d, OSA-GP, OSA-GP Euclidean (OSA-GPE), CAM02-SCD and CAM02-UCS are tested with a new experimental dataset, which has been carried out in the Laboratoire Hubert Curien of Saint Etienne (France) in two different modes, physical metallic samples and virtual samples displayed in a LCD monitor. This new dataset is composed by 390 colour pairs arranged around 16 colour centres with colour differences in the range 0.14 to 2.14 CIELAB units, with an average value of 0.80. In this work only just noticeable differences have been considered from this dataset. The results show a bad performance of all studied colour-difference formulas for just noticeable colour differences, in agreement with previous studies. Further research must be conducted to fit colourdifference formulae to this important range of colour differences.