Capabilities of PDF interactivity

Federico Garcia
University of Pittsburgh
Play (54min) Download: M4V | MP3

With the proliferation of electronic publishing, the need of LaTeX users to master techniques of PDF interactivity is growing. This presentation discusses some of the immediate additions to ‘regular’ typesetting in the electronic environment, mainly the hypertext possibilities of hyperlinks and bookmarks.

Most of these things have already been implemented successfully in LaTeX, through the wonderful hyperref package. The first part of the presentation is devoted to illustrating these possibilities. Some ‘primitive’ commands of PDFTeX are referred to too.

There is an issue, however, that is not easy to solve at the author level: how to incorporate the entries in the lists of tables and of figures in their own sets of bookmarks. A solution for this, implemented by the document class ‘pittetd’ in 2003, is shown here.