Calculation method of CGH for Binocular Eyepiece-Type Electro Holography

Yuji Sakamoto
Hokkaido University, Japan

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We had researched about Eyepiece-type electro holography to display 3-D images of larger objects at wider angles. With Fourier optical system using two lenses, we had enlarged visual field considering depth of object. The purpose of the previous study is making a HMD (head-mount-display) for electro holography. And the HMD needs to have two displays for the left and right eye of a man. So, we have needed to extend our system for binocular. In binocular system, we needs to use two different hologram for each of eyes. The 3-D image reconstructed from each hologram is not the same; the 3-D image for left eye needs to be just like the real object observed using left eye, and the 3-D image for right eye needs to be so. In this paper, we propose a method of calculation of CGH transforming the coordinate system of the model data to make two holograms for binocular eyepiece-type electro holography. The coordinate system of original model data is called the world coordinate system. And the coordinate system of the model data used to make holograms for left and right eye are called the left eye coordinate system and the right eye coordinate system. The left and right coordinate system is made by using coordinate transformation from the world coordinate system. And in each coordinate system, the model data is corrected to remove distortion, and made to each hologram. Finally, the 3-D image reconstructed from two holograms is enlarged using two Fourier lenses just like a microscope. Optical reconstructed experiments were carried out. The results of experiments show the potential of the proposed method for the possibility of implementation of the HMD.

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