All Good Things Come in Threes

Alex Danilo
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For years, technology pundits have craved convergence and interoperability.

In recent times, there has been a big push for the ‘three’ screens nirvana. The three screens ideal, encompasses mobile phone, PC and TV screen.

From a content supplier point of view, the three screen approach means building content for the consumer and delivering it to the three screens – those being the mobile phone, the PC client and the TV in the living room.

In order to make this three screen ideal a reality, there needs to be an enabling technology to make it happen.

This is the stumbling block. How to make content from one source adaptable to threee screens?

Enter SVG.

With SVG, content can be authored to apply to any size screen. Scalability makes it possible.

Industry has recognized this, and in response industry has put into place a number of derived specifications that make the three screen ideal a possibility.

On the mobile front, the American ATSC body has adopted SVG Tiny 1.2 as the standard overlay for interactive TV on mobile phones.

In the TV front, the Open IPTV forum has also chosen SVG Tiny 1.2 as the primary interactice layer for video delivered over the internet directly to TVs in the living room.

At the same time, we see SVG based video enabling total interactivity for PC application areas.

Maybe SVG is the glue that can finally make this video convergence a reality?

Demonstrations of Open IPTV forum interactive video alongside ATSC M/H video as deployed for USA interactive Mobile DTV and accompanying PC based applications will be showcased along with examples of the convergence and business cases for SVG as the main enabling technology to make interactive video distribution a reality on all devices today.