Curating academic publications – a perspective for research libraries

Laurent Romary
Directeur de Recherche INRIA, France & guest researcher
at Humboldt University, Germany
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This talk will identify and discuss the editorial and technical background that is now essential to fulfil the core roles of a research library with regards to scholarly publication. As the role of the library continues to evolve, Research Librarians will be required to provide more and more support to researchers to maintain, archive and disseminate their scholarly content – which includes research papers, data and other materials. The presentation will explore some of the technologies being deployed by librarians and in particular the role of international standardization initiatives such as the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). It will also examine the librarypublisher relationship and the need for publishers and librarians to work together to address the requirements of their patrons. The EU PEER project will be taken as an example of such collaborations.