Towards standardized 3DTV QoE assessment: cross-lab study on display technology and viewing environment parameters [8648-12] [SD&A2013]

Marcus Barkowsky1, Jing Li1, Taehwan Han2, Sungwook Youn2, Jiheon Ok2, Chulhee Lee2, Christer Hedberg3, Inirajith V. Ananth3; Kun Wang3,4, Kjell E. Brunnström3,4, Patrick Le Callet5
1 Polytech’ Nantes (France), 2 Yonsei Univ. (Korea, Republic of), 3 Acreo AB (Sweden), 4 Mid Sweden Univ. (Sweden), 5 Polytech’ Nantes (France)
Published Manuscript

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Other presentations at the 2013 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXIV conference.

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