Synfograms™, Inscribe Space/time information for museum

Dietmar Öhlmann
Syn4D™ GmbH
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In these past 30 years, Holography has been mainly used in museum for exhibitions itself. Now, in our digital world, Space – time coordinates can be printed as digital Holograms, giving a new educational tool to museum. Digital 4–dimensional files are available as DICOM in medicine, CAD in Engineering and Architecture, and as 3–D scan format in Geography and digital Archaeology. Our experience with museums shows the interest of digital holography especially for its visual, educational and attractive capacity of presentation. Presentations in museums required from curators almost a scientific approached of what is possible with what they dreams to use for their exhibitions. Syn4D™ is offering a full service of imaging creation and display of synthetic 4dimensional information called Synfograms. The main advantage to use digital holograms lay in the capacity to create, not just reproduce content in time and space, showing what otherwise would not be possible to explain and visualised. The price, the additional lightning, and limited mass production still make the media a luxury. XYZ imaging and Geola uab Zebra or HoloPrint made this wonderful technology available on the market. We provide the interface between the conceptual ideas, printable file, and final display which communicate the museums need, and the technology. According to the museums, we have been working on different applications and presentations types, which will be illustrated in this lecture.