SFHTML5 2016

SFHTML5 2016

Learn about Progressive Web Apps and the Future of Mobile Services from Alex Russell, Owen Campbell-Moore, Nathan Schloss, and Martin Thomson from this exciting SFHTML5 event.

Lightning Talk: React and Firebase

Progressive Web Apps with Alex Russell

Is the status quo of building services and apps for mobile two or three times really sustainable? Wasn’t technology supposed to liberate us from this sort of drudgery?

Progressive Web Apps give us a path to a better world that doesn’t force us to write our app yet another time. We’ll examine why you might build such a thing, what it takes to do it right, and strategies for getting the best mobile experience everywhere, today.

Push Notifications with Owen Campbell-Moore and Nathan Schloss

In this short joint talk, Owen and Nathan will talk about Push Notifications with Progressive Web Apps and how Facebook Implemented them.

HTTPS SUX with Martin Thomson

The next generation of web APIs will require that you serve your site over HTTPS. But HTTPS sux. It’s slow, costly, and requires constant attention. This talk will explain how these shortcomings are each legitimate in their way and share some of the upcoming changes that will end most of the gripes people have with HTTPS.

Writing Performant React with Brian Holt

React is a new and fun tool that allows developers to more easily create and maintain view layer code. As many of you have seen, it has caught on like wildfire in the last year. It can be very performant too but there are some specific areas that you’ll want to pay attention. We’ll talk about:

• At a high level, what is React and why you want it
• What are some specific things to pay attention to for performance when writing React
• Some general web performance tips such as resource hinting

How We Build Messenger.com

Horia’s talk tells the story of building messenger.com at Facebook. Horia will give us a glimpse into how frontend gets shipped at Facebook, and how it worked both for and against the developers tasked with working on the secondary domain:messenger.com.

Q&A about React.js