LightLeaves: landscape reflection hologram installation with computer controlled lighting and a brief discussion of other work

Betsy Connors
ACME Holography, United States

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LightLeaves is a wall-mounted installation of six panels of white light reflection, leaf shaped holograms, containing landscape imagery .The holograms are attached to the panels at different depths, and the illumination for the holograms is controlled by a specifically designed housing device, above and in front of the work, containing mirrors and movable light blocking leaf shaped masks. The housing device also holds a compact VEX robotic microprocessor controller, programmed to operate two motors, and temperature sensors, to control the movements of the light blocking masks, as the temperature in the space changes, simulating wind effects of sun light on leaves in trees. LightLeaves was first exhibited from June 2010 to June 2011 at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Salem, Massachusetts, in the show titled EYE SPY, Playing with Perception.