Hololujah: a one kilometre art hologram

David Warren

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This paper will outline the production of the white light transmission achromatic image hologram titled Hololujah measuring 3.5cm x 1 kilometre. The theme of this artwork is a comment on social networking sites such as Twitter. The paper will cover my use of Slavich VRP-M film measuring 1.14 x 30 metres that was exposed and processed as a complete roll in thirty individual metre sections. When finished the roll of film was cut into thirty-four 3.5cm x 30 metre strips with their ends cold laminated together to form the kilometre length hologram. The paper will expand on my use of a Coherent Compass 315M, 532nm, 150mW laser diode in a lenseless setup, using a single beam through diffuse glass, no isolation systems and two minute exposure times with the film lying flat on the floor. Lastly, I will illustrate how the hologram was produced in the 2x2x2.5 metre confined area of my bedroom.