Graphical Effects Beyond SVG 1.1

Session Chair: Andreas Neumann
City of Uster
Play (55min) Download: MP4 | MP3

Panelists will briefly introduce some advanced topics that may be released as modules for SVG 2.0. Among others, the following topics will be covered: “vector effects”, “SVG parameters”, advanced markers or the extension of the “path” elements with mathematical construction methods. Tav will discuss potential enhancements of the SVG language from the perspective of the Inkscape team, that works on an SVG authoring tool. Some of the topics are already in draft state, some are just ideas.

The goal is to detect missing pieces and useful additions and to gather use cases for them. In addition, technical issues around the proposal will be discussed or if the problem can be solved with existing SVG 1.1 mechanisms.

Attendees may prepare by reading the following already existing resources: