Drawing SVG in the Cloud

Andrew Girow
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Google Application Engine is a cloud-computing infrastructure for creating and running web applications. Google Application Engine does not allow all Java classes to be used, For example, no graphics classes are allowed. At the same time, there is a need for the server side graphics on Google App Engine. TinyLine fills the gap and brings in the vector graphics to Google App Engine.

We discuss some technical basic behind TinyLine and Google App Engine and show how Google App Engine Java developers could use and benefit from TinyLine.

We go from the simple to more complex examples, starting the basic 2D drawing capabilities demos and SVG thumbnail images service.

Then we show that thumbnail images are convenient way to present SVG previews to users. The thumbnail images could be used for the SVG listings, SVG directories or for SVG result lists of search engines.

We give an example how TinyLine could help to port other graphical Java applications to Google App Engine platform.

The more advanced example of using TinyLine and Google App Engine brings together full text search of SVG images and visual representation of search results by thumbnail images.