Depth of Field Analysis for Multilayer Automultiscopic Displays

Matthew Hirsch, Douglas Lanman, Gordon Wetzstein, Ramesh Raskar
MIT Media Lab, USA

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With the reemergence of stereoscopic displays, through polarized glasses for theatrical presentations and shuttered liquid crystal eyewear in the home, automultiscopic displays have received increased attenuation. Commercial efforts have predominantly focused on parallax barrier and lenticular architectures applied to LCD panels. Such designs suffer from reduced resolution and brightness. Recently, multilayer LCDs have emerged as a design alternative supporting full-resolution imagery with enhanced brightness and depth of field. In this paper we introduce a single processing framework for comparing the depth of field for conventional and emerging automultiscopic LCD displays. We derive an upper bound for all such displays, encompassing prior depth of field expressions for parallax barriers and integral imaging, while indicating the significant potential of multilayer configurations.