APE 2018

APE 2018
February 15-16, 2016

Academic Publishing in Europe (APE 2018) – "Publishing 2020: Ramping up Relevance", held in Berlin.

SSP APE Pre-conference day Keynote: Scholarly Publishing in the Future

Dr. Michiel Kolman
President, International Publishers Association (IPA), SVP Information Industry Relations, Academic Ambassador Emeritus, Elsevier

Open Science – the new Paradigm for Research and Education publishing choices1

Prof. Dr-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst
President, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

All about Privacy

Dr. Duncan Campbell
Director, Global Sales Partnerships, Wiley, Oxford

All about Privacy

Wouter Haak
VP Research Data Management, Elsevier, Amsterdam

OA Books: the Landscape

Eelco Ferwerda
Director, Global Sales Partnerships, Wiley, Oxford

Wake-up Session! The Door is open for Tim Britton

Drs. Eefke Smit
Director, Standards and Technology, The STM Association, Amsterdam

Tim Britton
Managing Director of Open Research at Springer Nature

Keynote – A Modest Proposal: Publishing in the 21st Century

Annie Callanan
CEO, Academic Publishing Division, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

Making OA work for Books

Dr. Frances Pinter
Director, Knowledge Unlatched Research, London

The OA-effect for Books

Ros Pyne
Head of Policy & Development, Open Research, Springer Nature, London