Color holographic Imaging

Steven Smith
De Montfort University, UK
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Steven L Smith has a broad research and development background in stereoscopic and holographic imaging technology. He received his Bachelor Science Degree, in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University. Steven received his start in Holographic imaging in 1979 – 1982 under the supervision of Prof. Tung H Jeong at Lake Forest College, where he also taught workshops in Mastering for Embossed holography. From 1983 – 1997 Steven Smith headed up the first Professional Holographic Imaging Studio in the US located in Chicago IL, The Lasersmith Inc. During his Tenure at The Lasersmith many Firsts in the Holographic imaging market were achieved, the first roll out of registered embossed and printed tags for Sears MainFrame clothing line 12- 18 million tags annually, patented Injected moulded compound refractive – diffractive elements. Developed and patented a high speed multi-camera capture system for full color holographic stereograms. During his research studies in stereographic imaging systems at the MIT Media Lab under Dr. Stephen A Benton, Director of the Spatial Imaging Group from 1997 – 2004, Steven Smith developed a novel head tracked autostereoscopic display that tracked multiple viewers in all three axis X, Y and Z with real-time rendering of the stereo views at 1280 x 1024. Another accomplishment, The first optical translation head full parallax full color holographic printer was realized. More details…