Automated Work Flow Solutions

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Bruce D. Rosenblum (Moderator/Speaker) CEO Inera Inc,  Newton MA, Lyndon Holmes, President, Aries Systems Corporation, Lisa Bos, Co-Founder and CTO, Really Strategies Inc. and  Dawn Melley, Director, Editorial Services, IEEE Periodicals

Workflow automation is vital to achieve timely, cost-effective, and high-quality delivery of scholarly articles. In fifteen years, online submission and publication delivery have been highly automated. However editorial and production workflow automation from article acceptance to publication is an ongoing challenge, especially for small -to medium-size publishers without large IT resources. This panel will focus on recent developments in workflow automation. New systems include production management modules for online submission systems, customizable off-the-shelf workflow management systems, and fully custom-developed systems. Presentations will relate to solutions already being taken up but the emphasis will be on the technologies and how they are embedded into overall content management approaches.