Acrylamide based photopolymer for multicolour holographic recording

Chakrapani Meka
DIT, Dublin, Ireland
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Chakrapani Meka*, Raghavendra Jallapuram, Izabela Nayedenova, Suzanne Martin, Vincent Toal
Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics, Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street, Dublin 8, Ireland

Preliminary results of full colour reflection holograms recorded in an acrylamide based photopolymer layer at 633nm, 532nm, and 473nm are presented. Recording material is sensitised to three recording primary wavelengths. Reflection holograms are recorded using a combined single beam of RGB wavelengths, are spectrally characterised and compared with the recording wavelengths using chromaticity diagram. An object of additive colour diagram was recorded. The shrinkage effect of this recording material on reconstructed wavelengths is also discussed. Keywords: self-developing process, single beam Denisyuk method, CIE chromaticity diagram, Primary wavelengths.